The Roofing, Solar and Construction Industry has a great deal of competition from larger, more established organizations across the state, to local family-owned businesses, and “chuck-in-a-truck” contractors. Regardless of size, it is proven that a well trained sales team will outsell the competition and build relationships for future business. In many cases, our industry’s products and services can appear similar to customers and when this happens companies often try to compete on price. Rather than compete on price, people still buy from people so it makes more sense to have a well trained sales team versus simply discounting to sell products and services. That’s why it’s important that as a representative of Affluent Exteriors, we provide you the proper education and training so can work with your client, the Affluent Way.

This site contains a Learning Management System (LMS) with various training courses, lessons, and quizzes to help educate you about our industry, our processes, and approaches to engage clients about Roofs & Roofing (Inspections, Repairs, Replacements), Solar, Exteriors, Insurance Claims, Storm Restoration, General Construction, and more. Once provided access, complete each session and attain an Affluent Exteriors Certificate of Completion that you can show your customers as a testament to your industry knowledge.

We are only as great as the people that represent Affluent Exteriors it and embody our mission of going above and beyond to make our customers happy. Ready to get started? After applying to one of our open positions and successfully passing your first interview, we’ll provide you access!